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Terracotta Clay with Grog

Vitraclay Terracotta Clay with Grog - Low Fire

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Terracotta Clay with Grog

Vitraclay Terracotta Clay with Grog - Low Fire (Earthenware)

A smooth textured clay with a very ‘plastic’ body, making it excellent for hand-building larger pieces and also superb as a low fire Raku Terracotta.

Unfired Characteristics: A smooth and wonderfully rich red body textured with 20% sand. This soft clay is smooth to the touch with an even colour but a granular surface quality.

Working Notes: This clay is sanded providing added strength and texture to the terracotta base, sand also opens the structure which promotes the drying process. This clay is a popular choice for those making pizza ovens, outside pots, sculptures, tandoori pots and bread bins. Earthenware remains porous unless glazed.

Fires to a rich red terracotta at bisque becoming a little darker at higher temperatures. A perfect warm and natural clay to get inspired by.

  • Texture - Textured
  • Fired colour – Dark Red
  • Ideal Bisque - 1100°C
  • Glaze Range - 1060°C to 1160°C
  • Shrinkage – 13.3%

Available in either 1kg bags or 12.5kgs bags.

Ideal for: Hand-building, Throwing, Raku

Vitraclay is designed to work with all Vitraglaze products.

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