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Toasted Clay

A mid-firing body, with characterful colouring.

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Toasted Clay

A mid to low firing stoneware/earthenware body, which contains as a base a terracotta clay mixed with other materials. This gives the clay a characterful toasted look like you might see in a reduction firing. It is an excellent throwing body, but it does have a very fine grog, so hand building is possible if made thinly. 

Unfired Characteristics: A red/brown smooth body, which is quite firm. 

Working Notes:Voted as a favourite clay due to its warm character and low price.
This versatile clay body has a blend of terracotta clay with other materials resulting in the occasional speckle or fleck. Colour may change from batch to batch as the terracotta ingredient will vary with the intensity of iron. 

As the clay throws easily and is relatively cheap, it is very popular with beginners. However, the firing program needs to be sensitive to the clay’s unique ingredients. We advise not overworking the clay with long, slow climbs or ramps which will create too much ‘heat work’. Keep the clay to lower temperatures and use faster programs. We have had a lot of success with drop and hold programs, for example - an average ware, 0-600 degrees at 100 degrees an hour, 600 -1222 at 180-200 degrees an hour, 1222-1180 at 180 degrees an hour, 
1180-1180 for 6 mins. This allows gas that comes from the body to reduce before the glaze melds and becomes solid. Other tips that increase success in firing, are making your wares as thin as possible, less clay, less gas comes out. Keep glazing simple, it does not like multiple glaze layering or underglazes with thick applications of a glaze. 

Before you commit to a body of work, always test the clay with the glazes you intend to use alongside a suitable firing program.

  • Texture - smooth
  • Fired colour - dark red to buff
  • Bisque - 999°C
  • Glaze Range - 1140°C to 1220°C
  • Shrinkage - 13.4%

Available in either 1kg bags or 12.5kgs bags.

Ideal for: Throwing, Hand-building, Raku

Find out more on food safety with clays and glazes here.

Vitraclay is designed to work with all Vitraglaze products.

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