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Toasted Clay

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VitraClay Toasted Clay - Low/High Fire

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Toasted Clay

VitraClay Toasted Clay - Low/High Fire (Earthenware to Stoneware)

The broad firing range and excellent value for money make this a very popular studio clay. The firm body with a fine addition of grog allows VitraClay Toasted to be used for hand-building as well as throwing.

Unfired Characteristics: A brown textured body which is quite firm, becoming very smooth but firm when wet.

Working Notes: Voted as a favourite clay due to its warm character and low price. This versatile clay body has a blend of stoneware and terracotta clay resulting in the occasional speckle or fleck giving the impression of reduction even when fired in an electric kiln.

Expect a colour range from light terracotta at bisque to a dark buff at stoneware glaze firings.

  • Texture - textured
  • Fired colour - dark buff
  • Bisque - 999C
  • Glaze Range - 1140C to 1220C
  • Shrinkage - 13.4%

Available in either 1kg bags or 12.5kgs bags.

Ideal for: Throwing, Hand-building, Raku

VitraClay is designed to work with all VitraGlaze products.

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