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Vitraclay Hand Building Crank Clay - High Fire

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Hand-Building Crank Clay

Vitraclay Hand-Building Crank Clay - High Fire (Stoneware)

A high-quality crank clay with a strong textured body for mid to large hand-building projects. Perfect for slabs and coiling, this clay is also good for raku projects.

Unfired Characteristics: Warm-grey in colour from the bag with an oatmeal fleck of grog which is visible in the fired clay. Stable throughout the drying process with low shrinkage.

Working Notes: Working with this clay is a joy as it’s very forgiving, ideal for hand building and can also be used for raku, sculpture and modelling. If used for throwing, a course finish will be achieved.

The clay colour fires to a very light pink at bisque going to a warm grey buff at higher glaze temperatures. At high temperatures the fleck can still be seen but is very subtle.

  • Texture - Coarse
  • Fired colour - Buff grey
  • Ideal Bisque - 999°C
  • Glaze range - 1150°C to 1280°C
  • Shrinkage – 8.2%

Available in either 1kg bags or 12.5kgs bags.

Ideal for: Hand-Building, Raku

Find out more on food safety with clays and glazes here.

Vitraclay is designed to work with all Vitraglaze products.

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