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VitraClay Hand Building Crank Clay - High Fire

Hand Building Crank Clay

White Earthenware Clay

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VitraClay White Earthenware Clay - Low Fire

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White Earthenware Clay

VitraClay White Earthenware Clay - Low/High Fire (Earthenware to Stoneware)

This clean white earthenware clay will fire to stoneware temperatures, simplifying reclaim in the studio and allowing bisque to be used for both earthenware and stoneware glaze firings. The clay is especially suitable for throwing, the exceptional strength of greenware makes turning and trimming a delight.

Unfired Characteristics: A very smooth and even body which is remarkably plastic from the bag, becoming strong in the leather hard state.

Working Notes: This clay contains ball clay mix which makes the body more plastic so is excellent for the ambitious throwing projects as well as achieving detail in hand-built projects. 

Fires to a warm white at bisque and through glaze temperatures.

  • Texture – Smooth
  • Fired colour - White
  • Ideal Bisque - 1100°C
  • Glaze Range - 1020°C to 1241°C
  • Shrinkage - 10%

Available in either 1kg bags or 12.5kgs bags.

Ideal for: Throwing, Hand-building

VitraClay is designed to work with all VitraGlaze products

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Customer Questions
In one place you say it's "VitraClay White Earthenware Clay - Low Fire", in description "White earthenware clay will fire to stoneware temperatures"? The description of this clay is very confusing and does not make sense. Sorry.

Our White Earthenware Clay fires from 1020°C to 1241°C, covering both earthenware and stoneware temperatures. This is a great, and versatile clay with a smooth texture and fires to a nice white. The temperature tolerance allows for this white cla...

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