White Earthenware Clay

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White Earthenware Clay
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£1.98 Inc VAT ( £1.65 Ex VAT)

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White Earthenware Clay

VitraClay White Earthenware Clay - Low Fire (Earthenware)

This clean white earthenware clay is especially suitable for throwing, the exceptional strength of greenware makes turning and trimming a delight.

Unfired Characteristics: A very smooth and even body which is remarkably plastic from the bag, becoming strong in the leather hard state.

Working Notes: This clay contains ball clay mix which makes the body more plastic so is excellent for the ambitious throwing projects as well as achieving detail in hand-built projects. 

Fires to a warm white at bisque and through glaze temperatures. As this is a low fire clay it will remain porous unless glazed.

  • Texture – Smooth

  • Fired colour - White

  • Ideal Bisque - 1100C

  • Glaze Range - 1100C to 1190C

  • Shrinkage - 10%

Available in either 1kg bags or 12.5kgs bags.

Ideal for: Throwing, Hand-building

VitraClay is designed to work with all VitraGlaze products

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