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Vitraglaze Mixing Medium

Vitraglaze Mixing Medium - Pehatine

This is an excellent mixing medium for the Vitraglaze colours when purchased in powder form.

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Vitraglaze Mixing Medium - Pehatine

Prevent your glazes from settling with this quality mixing medium. Ideal for your Vitraglaze powder glazes. 

The recommended mixing ratio is 1 part powder : 1 part water : 0.5 parts medium.  If making up the 1kg Vitraglaze powder, as it's sold, add one 500ml bottle of Vitraglaze Mixing Medium and 1000ml water.  Add less water than this if a thicker glaze is required.  

Mixing medium has the following benefits:

  • Keeps the glaze in suspension, preventing it separating from the water. You will see a very small amount of separation over a period of time, although this can be easily resolved by mixing the liquid. If you were to mix a glaze powder with water alone, it would separate very quickly to the point where the glaze would become hard at the bottom of the container.
  • Aids the flow of the liquid glaze for brush application. Putting a brush through some glaze on a piece of ceramic effectively creates a gap between the glaze layer; the medium helps the liquid to flow back together to make a solid piece. Without the medium, brushing would be very difficult.
  • Can help the glaze stay in place during the early part of the firing process and stop it from pulling away from the edges.

If you are new to glazing, we recommend using the Vitraglaze pre-mixed glazes before progressing to powder glazes, as these already contain the correct ratios of glaze and medium.  

500ml bottle

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What is this used for? Can it be used at any temperature?

This mixing medium works by suspending the glaze particles in the mixture, so that it doesn't settle as quickly as it would without the mixing medium. This also helps the colour and consistency stay constant when the glaze is brushed onto a piece....

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