Vitraglaze Earthenware Glaze: Graphite

Vitraglaze Earthenware Glaze: Graphite

Vitraglaze Stoneware Glaze: Iceland Grey

Vitraglaze Stoneware Glaze: Iceland Grey

Vitraglaze Earthenware Glaze: Avocado

A matt green glaze with darker speckles.

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A mid green matt earthenware glaze with dark speckles, the green has a good uniform colour with a slight surface texture.

Firing Range:

1020°C to 1100°C (Cone 06 to Cone 04). The sample shows one to two coats of a brush-on to a Vitraclay Earthenware White Clay, fired to 1040°C.

Working Notes:

  • Be generous with glaze coverings.

These notes are continuously updated so please send us your feedback.

Studio Safety:

Vitraglaze is lead free and non-toxic. Good housekeeping is essential in any pottery studio to minimise inhalation of silica dust. Always clean up with a damp sponge and if any dust is airborne, such as when mixing powder glazes, wear an FFP3 mask.

Preparing Powder Glaze:

Always wear a mask when mixing powdered glaze. Glaze should be added to water according to the instructions. Mix glaze for at least 10 minutes, sieve the liquid glaze using a 60 mesh screen, working all the material through the sieve using a stiff brush.
The glaze mix should have a creamy viscosity, remember it’s easier to thin a glaze so begin with a thicker mix than you expect. 

See product attachments for how to mix a dipping glaze.

Applying Brush on Glaze:

Remove glaze from the pot, stir and agitate the glaze in a larger container, make sure all the material is mixed thoroughly. Whilst keeping the glaze moving, dip your brush and hold it sideways to keep the material evenly distributed. Apply using confident dabs, move the liquid around and work quickly and smoothly. 2 to 3 applications could be needed so allow to dry between coverings.

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