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Economy Turntable Wheel

Speedball Clay BOSS Wheel

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Our new pottery wheel from Speedball! It’s a light, simple, clever design perfect for beginners and pottery enthusiasts and comes with an impressive 10-year warranty!

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New to the UK and EXCLUSIVE to Hot Clay!

An entry level pottery wheel giving the opportunity to learn throwing at an affordable price.

The Clay Boss® Wheel uses a .5 HP industrial motor with a 45kg centering weight. The Clay Boss features a polyethylene tabletop and sturdy two-part splash pan for easy clean-up. It has a 35.5cm (14") diameter wheel head which is plastic coated, this surface grips the clay well and lessens the chance of the ball of clay sliding off the wheel, this makes repeat throwing a delight. The wheel head has incised lines which helps the beginner to centre a pot. There is an independent foot pedal with smooth, variable speed control (0-240 rpm). On each of the legs there is adjustable foot which allows the wheel to be placed on irregular ground and still maintain a true level.

It has a sophisticated load-sensing control that ensures the wheel head speed is maintained under changing loads.

And remember it has a 10-year warranty!

All wheels are manufactured in an anticlockwise direction which is the most preferred direction, however this can be reversed to a clockwise direction with a small adjustment in the control box. We will do this for you before delivery if you advise us when placing your order. Our Hot Clay advice would be if your strongest or dominant arm/hand is the right, then the anticlockwise direction would suit and if it’s your left then choose clockwise. But this is by no means a fixed rule. We would suggest having some tuition on a pottery wheel before purchase so you can find out what works for you.

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