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Sodium Dispex (deflocculant) - 40ml

A simple deflocculant used in the making of casting slip.

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The perfect deflocculant as its very simple to use. A great alternative to Sodium Silicate/Soda Ash other branded agents.

How to use

When mixing your casting slip, take the weight of your dry clay or powder and times it by .0024.dry For example 5kg of powder will require 12g of the deflocculant.

However, when making larger quantities of slip, we first recommend mixing the clay with water to achieve the right specific gravity before adding the deflocculant. You should aim for a specific gravity of around 1.7 to 1.8, for information on how to measure this, see our product attachments. You may need more deflocculant for your mix but this ratio gives you a good starting point.

If your casting slip is already mixed with water, once again make sure it has the right specific gravity then add a drop of the dispex until it is flowing to your desired consistency. In this instance only add small amounts of deflocculant.

deflocculant: In ceramics, deflocculants are generally used in casting slips but they can be used in some glaze and clay slurries. The addition of a deflocculant reduces the viscosity of a liquid. For example, in the case of casting slips you want a lot of clay in the least amount of water but with it still runny enough to flow in and out of a mould.


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