Relyef - Handle Roller - Double

Relyef - Handle Roller - Double

Sibelco Scandi Throwing Clay

Sibelco Scandi Throwing Clay

Sibelco High Fire Terracotta Clay

A high-firing, versatile terracotta perfect for hand building and throwing.

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Sibelco High Fire Terracotta (Ateliermasse Red 4005) - Stoneware

A high-firing, versatile terracotta perfect for hand building and throwing.

Unfired characteristics: A coffee brown body, with a very smooth texture despite containing fine grog. Very plastic in feel and handles well without cracking.

Working notes: A clay that will behave very well when throwing. On the wheel you can feel a fine grain but not enough to be uncomfortable.

Hand building is a joy, ideal for larger pots especially flame proof kitchenware and sculptural projects. It fires to a lovely brick red and will darken to a ruby red at higher temperatures.

Unlike a standard terracotta, this body is capable of a high firing which brings out a rich red colour with a low porosity, a real advantage for making rustic dinner wares.

Texture – Smooth (with a fine coarse)

Fired colour – Orange red to dark red

Ideal bisque – 999°C

Glaze range -1000°C-1200°C

Shrinkage - 1180°C - 6% (Please refer to Technical Data Sheet for further information)

Grog – 40%, 0.5mm grain size

Available in either 1kg, 5kg, or 10kg

Ideal for: Hand building, throwing, raku and sculpture.

Find out more on food safety with clays and glazes here.

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