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Adjustable Pottery Stool

Adjustable Pottery Stool

Water Resistant Wheel Batts

Water resistant MDF batts for the safe removal of delicate wares from the pottery wheel.

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Green MDF circular batts, 9mm thick, suitable for using on potters wheels either by means of adhesion of a smudge of clay, or by drilling holes for a studded wheel head.

We have three sizes of batts for use on pottery wheels. 220mm, 305mm, 360mm. All are made from green MDF which is water resistant.* These standard wheel batts are smooth and will provide a good working life. For a more resilient version see our BEST BATT’.

220mm diameter can be used on all pottery wheels and as a decorating batt for banding wheels.

305mm diameter works with Brent IE, pre 2021 Brent B’s, Gladstone’s Bailey, Rohde’s HMT 500/600, Shimpo’s VL – lite (RK55), Whisper T and RK3D, Rodervelds.

360mm diameter suitable for Brent’s CXC, C and B’s bought from 2021 onwards. Shimpo VL whisper (RK3E) and Speedball Boss.

*Please note these batts are water resistant not water proof, which means they will not be good for prolonged immersion in water.

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