Skutt Firebox 8x6 LT Pottery Kiln - FREE UK SHIPPING

Skutt Firebox 8x6 LT Pottery Kiln - FREE UK SHIPPING
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Product Information

Pottery Kiln - Skutt Firebox 8x6LT kiln with digital programmer and shelf kit 240v.

Our lowest cost ceramic kiln and a great little workhorse.  We think it is great because it has a strong build, it's amazingly fast firing, the hinged lid is marvellous, and the icing on the cake: it comes with the excellent Kilnmaster LT 3 button controller, which has programming features for the beginner and the advanced artist.

A great pottery kiln for beginners or teachers alike. We regularly use one in the studio for test firing.

This is a stock item, dispatched directly from our warehouse.

Comes with Skutt's 2 Year Warranty.


The Firebox 8 is a side firing kiln, with the elements in all four walls for an even firing.  The lid itself is a lightweight brick construction coated with refractory cement. It has a cool-touch handle. The chamber is also made from lightweight brick, which is used because it is able to expand and contract as the kiln heats and cools. It also helps reduce the overall weight of the kiln.  The whole kiln is set on sturdy metal feet. The Firebox 8x6 LT operates on standard household voltage, and comes with a UK plug fitted.


Kilnmaster LT Controller

The Firebox 8x6 LT kiln now comes with the reliable and easy to use Kilnmaster LT 3 button controller which provides features for both the beginner and the advanced artist. Starting with simple factory set programmes can save a lot of time. However, as you become familiar with the kiln this controller allows you to modify the settings during firing or design your own firings with five additional eight segment programmes, providing you with total programming freedom and confidence.  

Chamber Size: 

The inner dimensions are 20 x 20 x 16.5cm. 

The Firebox 8x6 LT is supplied with:

  • The excellent LT Controller

  • Stand

  • 18cm kiln shelf

  • 3 shelf props

  • Operating manual

  • Spare thermocouple

  • Wired with a standard UK domestic plug.  If you are using the kiln outside the UK, you will need to fit the correct plug for your region

European plugs

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We use Skutts in our studio and service all UK Warranties.


  • Certified CE compliant

  • Power rating 2.4 kW; 10 Amps, 240v domestic plug

  • Weight Approx 25Kg

  • Maximum Temperature 1,230ºC*

*While this kiln will easily reach Cone 10 (1280C) this will reduce the life of the elements and is therefore not recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Inner dimensions 20 x 20cm

  • 16.5cm deep

  • Outer dimensions 39 x 45 x 31.5cm (WxDxH) plus controller

  • Maximum shelf size - 19cm x 19 cm 

  • Kiln shelf supplied (with props)


The 18cm kiln shelf supplied will fit 3 standard mugs (8cm dia. x 9cm high) for glaze firing. One shelf of mugs will fit in the kiln:

Firebox 8x6 shelf diagram

Delivery is to your door only and does not include installation. Although small, please consider that you may need help to situate the kiln. This kiln is sent directly from our warehouse.

Manufacturer's Warranty - Skutt parts and labour 24 months. 

For further information about this kiln call Hannah on 01934 863040.

Product Reviews

I'm new to ceramics and wanted a small kiln. This little kiln is fantastic, easy to use and each time I've used it the results have been fantastic!
I think it's excellent value and superb quality.
I can't recommend it enough as a started kiln or test kiln.
I can fit in 3 cups and a layer of test tiles (I bought a extra shelf and small stilts).
Really can't praise it enough.
Review by James Moffatt / (Posted on 20/07/2017)

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Product FAQs

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  • My husband is looking to get into creating his own pots as a hobby in his retirement, would we need to house this kiln in any particular building? Would he need a brick built structure rather than a wooden studio?

    Hi there,

    This kiln is very well insulated, so doesn't get very hot at all on the outside during firing. As long as there is adequate ventilation and the kiln is positioned away from walls you shouldn't have a problem.

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  • Do I need to buy a stand for the kiln or does it operate safely without?

    This kiln has small feet attached, which provide adequate insulation for whatever surface the kiln is placed on so an extra stand does not need to be bought.

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  • How long would it take to bisque fire three mugs?Does it fire to stoneware?How long would a glaze firing take?Many thanks


    There are so many factors that affect the length of a firing that it is hard to say. Below is an example but it is very much a guide.

    If you were to do a bisque firing with a 4 hour preheat, Cone 04, Slow speed, no hold at top temp and an average size load, it would take approximately 15 hours and 20 minutes. The kiln would then take several more hours to cool down, but 3 mugs is the most you can fit into this kiln so it may take a bit longer.

    In terms of a glaze firing, this has even more factors that affect the firing speed, but below is another example.

    If you were to do an Earthenware glaze firing without a preheat to Cone 06, Medium speed, 0.00 Hold at top temp, and an average size load, it would take approximately 7 hours and 10 minutes. The kiln would then take several more hours to cool down.

    We have this kiln in our studio and use it for test firings, and have taken it to stoneware temperatures multiple times. However, this will affect the element life and will probably void your warranty so it is down to you whether you decide to fire the kiln this high.

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