Potters Select 5 Piece Wooden Potters Ribs

Potters Select 5 Piece Wooden Potters Ribs

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Spectrum Low Stone Glaze: Mocha 929

Silica Sand - 2.5kg

Sand is a useful multipurpose raw material. It can be used in glazes, protect shelves and added to clay bodies.

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Sand can be used for many purposes in ceramics. It can be put into glazes as the ‘silica’ which is the glass former, although other pure silca minerals like ‘quartz’ are more common. When put onto shelves as a protection it can keep wares from touching the shelves limiting damage from drips and spots of glaze. It can be added to clay bodies as a ‘grog’ making softer bodies firmer, giving engineering strength for hand builders and throwers.

The Sand additions in clay bodies, can come in different grades some industrially sieved to certain particle sizes and Some sand can be less processed and very coarse such as river sand.

The sand we are selling originates from Bathgate and is marked as standard. You can see the read a detailed description of the micron/particle sizes in the data sheet attached.

An easier visual description is a medium grit a bit like semolina, pinky to orange in colour.


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