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Rohde KR Series - Raku Kiln with Burner Kit

Rohde KR Series - Raku Kiln with Burner Kit

Rohde TR Series - Raku Kilns With Burner Kit

Rohde TR Series Toploading Raku Kilns

Available in four Sizes of 44, 80, 80 Vario and 170 litre, these raku kilns are ideal in any setting from a home potters studio to a commercial setting. 

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ROHDE Toploaders from the TR series for raku applications stand for easy handling, durability and flexibility. Toploaders from the TR series are easy to transport and problem-free to handle. High standard technology such as a V2A stainless steel jacket or a stable structure made of lightweight firebricks guarantee sturdiness and long service life.

Please be advised that these are not stock items, and delivery times will vary. A member of the Hot Clay Team will be in touch to advise of lead times.

The TR series have very low energy consumption at remarkably short heating rates. For this purpose, ROHDE developed a silent 30 kW high-performance burner that is easy to regulate especially for this series.

Supplied with full Rohde Gas Burner Kit comprising:

  • Atmospheric 30 kW Raku burner for use with propane gas
  • Hose connection including pressure control and manometer for connection to bottle
  • Digital temperature meter up to 1150°C (battery-operated)
  • Thermocouple NiCr/Ni NL 130 to 1150°C

Optional Shelf Kit:

 - TR 44 

  • 2 x 350mm x 10mm Kiln Shelves     
  • 3 x 25mm props
  • 3 x 50mm props
  • 3 x 75mm props
  • 3 x 100mm props

 - TR 80 (Same with TR 80 Vario model) 

  • 4 x 410mm x 12 Kiln Shelves
  • 9 x 25mm props
  • 9 x 50mm props
  • 9 x 75mm props
  • 9 x 100mm props

 - TR 170 32

  • 2 x 540mm x 18mm kiln shelves
  • 9 x 25mm props
  • 9 x 50mm props
  • 9 x 75mm props
  • 9 x 100mm props

Special Equipment:

  • Stable and robust Castors

All models of the TR series can be disassembled into ring segments for transport. Benefit from the extendability of the model TR 80 Vario by fitting in an extension ring for more flexibility.

  • Lid easy-to-open supported by gas pressure springs (not for TR 80 Vario)
  • Reduction-resistant lightweight firebrick lining of the firing chamber
  • Sturdy kiln frame with handles allowing effortless transportation
  • ROHDE Raku burner equipment for use with propane and butane gas, powerful and silent
  • View port to monitor firing

Why buy a kiln from Hot Clay? We have an experienced team who will support you every step of the way, including free technical help as long as you need it. Please call us on 01934 863040 to let us know your specifications and we will find the best setup for you. If you find this kiln cheaper elsewhere, please contact us and we'll match it.


Ideal for professional studios and education settings.

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