Newcast Plaster

Newcast Plaster
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Product Information

Newcast plaster is a hard and more durable plaster giving a longer mould life. Primarily used in the ceramic industry to produce working moulds for the slip casting of tableware. It can also be used to produce working moulds for jiggering in tableware. Ideally suited to press and push moulds especially if they are frequently used. It has a fine particle size, giving excellent surface smoothness, the plaster also has good absorption capabilities.

Mixing ratio is 100 plaster to 57 of water, so for the 2.5kg amount in the bucket it would make a shape with
a dimension of 28cm x 19cm x 5cm or 26.6cm3

The re-useable bucket contains a cup for a simple measurement of 2 cups of plaster to 1 cups of water.


Technical Specification

Plaster/Water Ratio: 100/57

Working Time: 8 Minutes

Demould Time: 11 Minutes

Expansion: 0.25%

Compressive Strength: 11 Mpa

Shelf Life: 6 Months

Colour, creamy white.







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