MKM Decorating Disk - 4

MKM Decorating Disk - 4" (10cm)

Clay Turning Tools - 8 Piece Set

Clay Turning Tools - 8 Piece Set

MKM Decorating Disk - 15" (38cm)

MKM Decorating Disks - 15"

MKM Decorating Discs, allows you to measure easily and accurately with the use of many radial and concentric lines, the holes at each crossover point allow space to mark your wares. 

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MKM Decorating Disks - 15"

Set contains two 15 inch (38 cm) sturdy yet flexible transparent sheets. Specially designed to allow the user to quickly and easily divide and measure space such as, making sure a round bowl is squared, or adding handles to a pot, jar or jug. One side contains even measurements, the other, odds, which are evenly set through the circle to divide into equal sections. Holes are placed at intersectional points to mark directly onto your ware.

Also available in 4" (10cm).

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