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Kilncare IKON Round Kiln Shelf

Mayco Stroke and Coat: Green Thumb

This is a vibrant pink that adds a bright splash of colour to your work. If you want a more subtle pink then Pink a Boo colour is a lighter shade.

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Mayco Stroke and Coat: Pink A Dot. Versatile glaze suitable for stoneware and earthenware, greenware and bisque.

This is a vibrant pink that adds a bright splash of colour to your work. If you want a more subtle pink then Pink a Boo colour is a lighter shade.

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Mayco Stroke & Coat glazes can be used with many techniques and combinations, making it the most versatile range of glazes available.  They can be applied to unfired clay and bisque, both Earthenware and Stoneware, in oxidation and reduction. It matures at Cone 06 but can be fired up to Cone 10. These glazes will give your work a glossy finish without the need to apply a clear glaze over the top.

 Hot Clay TipWhen firing above Cone 06 the colour may lighten or change. We recommend you download the Firing Guide PDF to help achieve your desired results.

 Helpful Hints

  • Grapel, Fruit of the Vine and Orkid are formulated with chrome-tin pigments and may react with non-toxic clear glazes causing a milky/cloudy haze. Test by adding a light application of the clear glaze to these colours.

  • Pink-a-Dot is more translucent than other Stroke & Coat glazes. Additional coats (more than 3) may be necessary to achieve opacity.

  • Stroke & Coat glazes do not move or blend when used with other glazes. You can apply side-by-side or layer without losing integrity of design. Lighter colours can be used over dark colours and remain bright and opaque.

  • Can be applied with a brush, sponge, detailer bottle, mats, stamps or silkscreens.
 Application Recommendations
  • Shake the bottle for 5-6 seconds before use. Dispense glaze onto a palette (tile, plate, etc.) and apply with your brush, sponge,stamp etc.
  • For all-over coverage use a broad bristled soft brush.
  • One coat will produce a translucent finish with subsequent coats increasing the opacity. For most applications three coats will be sufficient for complete opaque coverage.
  • When the wet look has gone from the first coat you may apply the next coat of Stroke and Coat flowing rather than brushing the coats of glaze.
  • Allow to dry fully and fire to cone 06 or 05. We do not recommend "force" drying (using a hair dryer, for example) as you may experience cracks or crevices in the fired finish.
  • The glazes are designed to be fired to Cone 06 or 05, but many can be fired higher, to cone 6 or even 9 or 10. See the Firing Guide PDF for more information.
  • On Greenware/Clay: Apply Stroke & Coat glazes directly on wet or leatherhard clay and fire to cone 04. Colours remain glossy and vibrant and save you time by removing the bisque fire step. For application on clay, Mayco recommend leaving an area unglazed, such as the back or bottom of the ware, to allow for out-gassing of water and organic materials during the firing process.

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